quarta-feira, 26 de Março de 2014


Dziga Vertov, A Sixth Part of the World (still), 1924. Film. Courtesy of the Austrian Film Museum.

Magiciens Reconsidered

Friday 11–Sunday 13 April 2014

Tate ModernStarr AuditoriumBanksideLondon SE1 9TG

Exposição de Pintura ADN MÁRIO SILVA  - Paisagismo Geourbano & Portuário
29 De Março a 23 de Abril de 2014
Centro de artes e espectáculos da figueira da foz
Integrada num registo patrimonial histórico-cultural, a mostra “ADN Mário Silva - Paisagismo Geourbano & Portuário”, pretende dar a conhecer ao grande Publico não só obras mais recentes de registo paisagístico, como também pertencentes à colecção particular do autor, excepcionalmente escolhidas para esta exposição e raramente exibidas.

quarta-feira, 19 de Março de 2014


Art Vip Gallery and Galeria Aberta are accepting applications for inclusion in "STATE OF THE ART - ARTIST'S BOOK VOLUME II". The book will focus on international, contemporary artists and will include artists working within a diverse range of media.
The accepted categories are: painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, mixed media, illustration, photography and digital art.

STATE OF THE ART - ARTIST'S BOOK VOLUME II, will be a high quality art book promoting artists from all over the world.

The book will be launched, and 3 copies of the book sent to each participating artist, in October 2014. For costs and further information see “Terms and Conditions”.

We also produce art books for the individual artist: please feel free to contact us to ask for an estimate.

Art VIP Gallery is a fine art brand of Galeria Aberta Publishers. Galeria Aberta is a non-profit making organization whose mission is to provide fine artists with marketing tools for selling their artwork to an unlimited market. This goal will be achieved by online marketing and through market accumulated knowledge. G.A. promote artwork and artists by attracting art lovers and art dealers. More than 3,500 artists from all over the world are represented by G.A.